Flagstaff Camouflage Pattern




About Us

Gila Conceal started when I decided I wanted to spray paint a rifle I had built. Multicam and other patterns just weren't fun enough, and frankly, were not as effective out here as people claimed. I was able to create a one of a kind pattern that was awesome looking AND pretty damn effective. With the help of my significant other, Casey, we’ve begun to just have fun building a business and products that are truly unique. This company is special because it really is a project that helps me keep my mind right. I’m a total desert rat, I like being creative, and I'm also a massive nerd. We have two reptiles and I am currently working on an engineering degree. Thus far, Gila Conceal has given me a creative outlet, a way to exercise my engineering discipline, and a way to make cool stuff to give to the homies. So, we’re here to promise continual improvement with each day we build this company, while making sure that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.