FLAGSTAFF Temperate Camouflage

Contrary to what most people picture when thinking of Arizona, the state is host to massive swaths of rolling pine forests. Flagstaff is one of the most breathtaking examples of these regions. This is our updated solution to the problem of blending in the woodland environment. Most woodland camouflage patterns of today are in dire need of many changes. This is gen 2 of our woodland pattern, and it incorporates dozens of successful blending techniques found in woodland reptile species. We used photos and analysis of patterns of snakes, lizards and even owls. We ran computer AI shape recognition software, but the most important step involved people like you:

We released an early version of this pattern, accessible only to some followers of our instagram who volunteered to participate. Not influencers, not famous hunters. Just any interested and available followers. They were given access to an early version of the patter for as cheap as we could make it without essentially losing money. We called this a "beta" test, similar to the way video game testing works. They were free to use it, take pictures and give feedback to us. This information was compiled and used to create the final version. The process was hugely successful and has resulted in what you see here. We have no doubt it's one of the best woodland pattern on the market.


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