YUMA Arid Camouflage

Having spent more than my fair share of time melting into the brutal sands of Yuma training ranges, creating a design that visualized the feeling of being one with this harsh landscape was a priority.

The YUMA pattern is our arid camouflage optimized for the rocky sand faces of Arizona's low lying deserts. It was inspired by the disruptive coloration of several local snake species. We chose these reptiles for inspiration as they are notorious for being difficult to spot. Hikers and sometimes, even Marines training at local ranges, have been known to step directly on top of them. These snakes evolved shapes to evade being spotted by birds above, so we've changed the shape of the disruptive splotches to better blend the human form from the lateral observer. 

The key to existing for any amount of time in the hellscape that is the Yuma desert is embracing the land, and a rock solid mindset that even the abrasive conditions can't scuff. So whether you need to blend or not, this was the pattern which embodied that feeling for me.